CreativeMinds Pay Per Post Plugin Demo: Restricting Post as Single or in a Group

3 posts below belong to one pricing category. If the user purchases the access to one of them, then other posts of this pricing category will be also unlocked for this user.

Access to each post can also be purchased separately from other posts.

Eech post will have two payboxes - one for purchasing access to single post, and another paybox for accessing the whole group.

You can first check purchasing access to single post and make sure that other posts are still locked. Then purchase access to the group to see that all these posts will be unlocked.

*Purchasing access to any of these posts is done in the test mode, so it will be for free.

The restricted posts will contain a guide about how these post were restricted.

CreativeMinds Pay Per Post Plugin for WordPress allows you to charge your visitors and users a specific amount in order to access restricted pages and posts on your website for a limited time by making a direct payment using WooCommerce cart system or Easy Digital Downloads.

For more information go to the plugin product page