Types of Content Restriction

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This page will tell you about the types or restriction

The plugin allows to restrict all pages of certain post type at once (including custom post types from third-party plugins), or specify restriction settings specifically for each page.

There are a few ways to restrict pages, and the list of available restriction options is the same in each case.

So, let's consider these options one by one.

Access not restricted

First option is Access not restricted. Choosing it allows all users to see the page content.

Access restricted to logged-in users / Drip Content

Second option is Access restricted to logged-in users. It means that only logged-in users can see the chosen type of content. It has a couple of additional options:

  • Access denied X days from user first access / registration - You can specify here the amount of days that the logged-in user will not be able to see the chosen type of content since the first login or registration day.

  • Both of these options allow you to build a system of drip content on your site. By specifying these values for certain types of content, or specific pages/categories, you can let the user to get access to more content as his account is "growing up".

    Allow only anonymous access

    Third option allows you to give access to the content only for non-logged-in (guest) users.

    Access restricted by role

    The option Access restricted by role allows you to open access to content for the chosen user roles only.

    Access restricted by whitelist

    Next option is Access restricted by whitelist - here you can define the list of users that are allowed to see the chosen content.

    Access restricted by blacklist

    The option Access restricted by blacklist is an opposite to the previous option. Here you define the list of certain users that are not allowed to see the chosen content.

    Access restricted by specific date/time

    The option Access restricted by specific date/time lets you open access to the chosen content only during the specified period of time.

    Restriction types

    And last option is Restriction type. It duplicates the default options from the plugin settings. This way you can either choose to follow global settings or override them specifically for each type of content that you want to restrict.

    CreativeMinds Site Access Restriction Plugin for WordPress allows you to lock away your exclusive content and give access only to valued members. It also allows you to control which WordPress users can view each post or page on your site.

    For more information go to the plugin product page